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Recipe ReDux Post # 17 Chocolate Chip Pecan Coconut Protein Bar Mix

November’s Recipe ReDux theme is “Adding Merriment to Mixes” and the goal was to develop a festive mix that would be make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  I have certainly come across quite a few interesting and delicious mixes in stores, on the internet or as presents from friends, but I had never actually made some myself and I looked forward to trying it. If you haven’t already noticed I am obsessed with creating protein bar recipes and they are pretty popular among my friends, family, work colleagues and patients, so I thought a home made protein bar starter mix would be just the thing to create.  I also love mason jars and decided that was what I would use for the packaging since they are easy, cheap and super cute! A protein bar flavor with plenty of mix ins makes for more layers in the jar which adds to the aesthetic appeal so I decided to do a recipe with chocolate chips, pecans and coconut. The ingredients fit perfectly in a 16 ounce jar and all that is needed to complete the recipe (once given the mix) is ½ cup nut butter, ¼ cup pure maple syrup and an optional teaspoon of vanilla extract. They are super easy to make and require no baking and this recipe will yield 8 bars or 16 squares/ balls.   So try out this mix as a healthy but also tasty treat to give out this season and check out all the other fun mix ideas created by the talented Recipe ReDux group!
Ingredients For One Dry Mix:
½  cup oats (old fashioned, not quick, use a gluten-free oats such as Bob's Red Mill if you are on a gluten-free diet)
1.5 scoops of protein powder, preferably unflavored (the average scoop is about 4 tablespoons or¼ cup, 25-30 Grams, so 1.5 scoops would be approx. 6 tablespoons)*
¼ cup mini chocolate chips
2 tablespoons chopped pecans
2 tablespoons unsweetened coconut flakes
One 16 ounce mason jar

What will need to be added/used to complete the recipe:

½ cup creamy or crunchy unsalted natural almond butter (I used Trader Joes Raw Unsalted Crunchy)
¼ cup pure maple syrup
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
Wax or parchment paper

Directions to make mix:

In the 16 ounce mason jar layer the following- first ¼ cup oats, then 4 tablespoons protein powder, then ¼ cup mini chocolate chips, then the 2 tablespoons pecans, then the 2 tablespoons chopped pecans, then the last 2 tablespoons protein power and finally the second ¼ cup oats.  Cover with lid and decorate jar as desired!

Directions to complete recipe:

In a medium sized bowl, combine the maple syrup, vanilla and almond butter and mix well.  Add the dry mix and stir well until combined. Press mixture into an 8 by 8 inch pan. (Lining the pan with a large rectangular piece of parchment paper, placing the mixture on one side and then folding the paper over to press down works nicely since the dough is so sticky.)  Chill in the fridge for an hour or more (if you can wait that long!) and cut into 8 bars and serve. For smaller portions the recipe can be cut into 16 squares or rolled into 16 balls/protein bites. Wrapping the individual bars in wax paper and storing in baggies is great for convenience.  Store in the fridge.  These bars also freeze well!

* I have had great success with using Nature’s Best Isopure Perfect NaturalProtein Powder, unflavored- it is gluten-free, lactose free

Makes 8 bars

Serving size: 1/8th of recipe  Calories 210 Protein 10 g Carb 16  g Fiber 3 g Sugars 10 g Fat 13 g Saturated fat 2.5  g Sodium  30 mg

Or 1/16th of the recipe for bites Calories 105 Protein 5 g Carb 8 g Fiber 1.5 g Sugars 5 g Fat 6.5 g Saturated fat 1 g Sodium 15 mg


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